About Sweet Valley Bay Animals

Sweet Valley Baby Animals, Farms Animals are ready right now to come to any Special Event, Private Parties, Birthday party, Schools Events, Childcare center, Kindergarten or Playgroups, as well as Age Care Center, Shopping Centers, Corporate Events, Wedding and even Photo Shoots, making Sweet Valley Baby Animals suitable for all ages and abilities.

Sweet Valley Baby Animals will travel 1.5hours around the Hunter Valley Region from Port Stephens to Maitland, Newcastle and the Central Coast. So our Animals stay fresh and happy for you and your party guests

At Sweet Valley we grow chickens, ducks, goats, sheep, pigs, as well as fresh organic vegetabls from the ever changing gardens and juicy fruit off our young food forest.

Our animals are hand raised with lots of love and cuddles, which make them all wonderful companions for any size family.

The fresh fruit and vegetables that grow on Sweet Valley farm are lovingly picked and packed to be sold or shared with our local town, friends, neighbours and of course shared among all the farm animals too.

What you need to know

All Sweet Valley animals are happy to be hand fed, cuddled, and brushed. They love to pose at any opportunity with you and your party friends both young and old! You are more than welcome to hire just one animal, or many. Sweet Valley minimum charge covers transportation and staff members to supervise the animal at all times. So one animal can be the same price as hiring a farm of animals.

We give a small talk at the beginning of our time at your party to introduce our animals, share some fun facts, and learn how to treat the animals. We are also happy to answer any questions your party friends may have.

Our insurance covers events in all locations. However, if you are thinking of having your party in a public park, look at your local council's website for conditions that may apply.

What we provide

Depending on the season, a variety of Farm animals can arrive at your party. They can include Miniature Pony, piglets, goats, lambs, chicks and chickens, as well as ducklings, rabbits and guinnea pigs. Of course if there are any special requests we can make them happen.

There will be Brushes, Feed and also Baskets for ease and safe handling of small animals.

We provide flooring to protect your ground covering if it is needed, and take away any mess - to ensure everything is left just as we found it.

Our weatherproof shelter and secure enclosure can be altered to fit into most areas over 3m x 3m.

Antiseptic hand wash station is there for use as children leave the animal enclosure.

And of course lots of fun and ever lasting memory.

What you need to provide

Farm parties need a minimum 4m x 4m of space for the children to hold and play with the animals. We can host a party indoors or outdoors under our marquee.

Petting parties need a minimum 3m x 3m of space, and room for the children to sit and hold the animals.

It is imperative to plan ahead and have somewhere for us to park our cars and trailers when our farm animals are at your place.

How you Hire us

You can call Kylie on 02 4998 3371 between 8am - 5pm Monday - Friday to confirm availability.

All our prices are including GST. You will receive the Terms of our service to sign and return.

We provide a Tax invoice, and have easy payment by direct deposit.

Farm parties go for 2 hours and prices from $620 including GST, and $150/hour including GST after that. Included are up to 20 seasonal Farm Animals - Baby Calf, Piglets, Kids, Lambs, baby Chick and Chickens Ducks and more. And cater for medium to large parties or functions, at any location.

Petting parties go for 2 hours and prices from $470 including GST, and $120/hour including GST after that. Included are up to 15 seasonal Farm animals that have been hand raised with lots of love could include a Piglet, Goat, Lamb, baby Chicks and Ducks. Petting parties are best suited to small groups of no more than 10 children.

Piglet parties go for 2 hours and prices from $360 including GST and $60/hour including GST after that. Includes an experienced handler and up to 5 piglets, hand raised with lots of love, catering for small to medium parties or events, at any location.

Talk and Touch Farm Animal Talks go for 1 hour and prices from $330 including GST and $80/hour including GST after that. Included is 1 experienced handler and up to 10 seasonal Farm animals. Each child will have the opportunity to meet baby animals by walking around the outside of the pen, feeding the animals pellets, and the opportunity to Bottle-feed Lambs, Piglet, and Kid Goat. They can learn about the smaller animals, by sitting, holding and patting Chicks, Rabbits and Ducks. Talking about the difference in touch, feel and smell of the animals. Where the animals live, their needs, and the different parts of the different animals. Catering for small to medium size Preschools, daycare, school groups, and Age Care. Only available on Weekdays


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Sweet Valley Baby Animals
Sweet Valley Baby Animals
Sweet Valley Baby Animals
Sweet Valley Baby Animals